Editors note

While we are truly proud to publish the art of Thom-Thom Billkowfskij (AKA Mr. Billkowfskij, Senator of the Eurasian Empire, Baron of Thule) his "found art" pose a few legal difficulties. While he insist that he has never taken an image from a site that does'nt guarantee that all models are 18 or older - we are, even though we would trust Mr. Billkowfskij with our very lives, sometimes in doubt.

We are strongly against child pornography. Molesting children and then posting the pictures on the web for eternety to see... is an affront to humanity.

Copyright-issues: We do our best to link pictures when we can trace their origin. If you happen to know the copyright-holder of any unlinked, or incorrectly linked, image herein please notify the editors so that the situation can be rectified asap -> post [at] apeskalikkedrepeape.org

As to any other issue we say like google quoth: This is a permanent beta and thus, for eternety, we are protected from all claims since it is, like they say, as is.


Sincereley Yours


Harriet F.